Bathers Pavilion Cafe

Bathers Pavilion Cafe – Balmoral Beach Mosman

The Bathers' Pavilion Cafe

A Mosman establishment. There are three sections to this iconic building;

  • The restaurant
  • The cafe
  • The Kiosk

An ideal spot to grab a coffee and sit on or near the beach.

This is a really busy cafe with a constant stream of people, both inside and walking past, outside the building. Being on the waterfront makes this cafe an even better experience.



Walking? If you're up for it, walk from Mosman Junction or Spit Junction. The return trip up Awaba St will certainly burn a few calories.

Driving? Easy to find at the bottom of Awaba St, Balmoral Beach.

Parking? Plenty, most of the time. Parking during summer can be tricky. Note that this is the most expensive on-street parking in Sydney.


Grounds coffee

So little is known about the actual coffee other than it is roasted in Alexandria. Although, the The Grounds at Alexandria is also a well established destination for functions, meals, coffee and their weekend markets.


The Bathers Pavilion was commissioned to be built by Mosman Council. The councils' architect and building surveyor, Alfred Hale, designed the building, and Alderman Harry Carter laid the foundation stone on 21 August 1928.

The design was certainly more seductive in its external shell, with its distinct and intriguing Moorish feel and intricate features such as the many delicate fretwork windows, which had to provide privacy and a great amount of ventilation. The design made for a stunning and imposing visual adornment to the beach with what was essentially a large changing shed.

The Pavilion was officially opened on February 20 1929.

Set in the picturesque harbour shores and framed by its parkland and the stunning Port Jackson and Moreton Bay fig trees, it is a unique vista.

* Acknowledgement. Bathers Pavilion website.

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