Balmoral Beach House

Beach House – Balmoral Beach Mosman

Balmoral Beach House

This is a modern Australian cafe / restaurant with phenomenal views, located on the busiest corner at Balmoral.

They have an extensive breakfast and lunch menu.

They have both indoor seating, restaurant style and seating outside on the Esplanade. The windows are generally open exposing both sides of the cafe. This provides lots of light and the sea breeze. Beautiful!

Getting there
Walking? If you're up for it, walk from Spit Junction. The return trip up Awaba St will certainly burn a few calories.

Driving? Easy to find at the bottom of Awaba St, Balmoral Beach.

Parking? Plenty, most of the time. Parking during summer can be tricky. Note that this is the most expensive on-street parking in Sydney.

Bus? The buses leave from the main terminal just down The Esplanade. There is a free council operated community bus that does a loop of Mosman. Handy to use to get back up the hill.


Fairtrade, Arabica Beans

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