Baby Charlotte is a relatively new edition to Bridgepoint Shopping Centre. It is located within Harris Farm grocers. This cafe is popular for its take-away coffee. Serving the familiar Campos coffee, the brand is easily recognised. 


A little unusual given that it is located within the flower section of Harris farm. While it is quite pleasant to sit inside, it can be a little crowded with all the flowers surrounding the table and chairs. Having said that, it is also quite pleasant because it is quite unique.


Walking? An easy walk from the bus stops or anywhere near Spit Junction. Take the escalator to the top floor - you can't miss the cafe! 

Driving? Easy to get to by car.

Parking? Plenty of parking in the council car park under the shopping centre. Access from Brady Street. There's a council enforced 2 hour limit.



The Campos website is one of the most comprehensive sources of information on coffee production.

The website outlines the coffee plantations in Guatemala, Colombia, Indonesia, PNG, El Salvador, Panama, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Discover the journey of the bean at >

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