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Cafe Jam

Cafe Jam is always busy. A good sign some would say. The owners seem to be there every day, often sitting with customers, solving the worlds biggest problems.

The coffee is is as good as it gets in Mosman, smooth and nicely made.

This cafe seems to cater for the older folks really well. There are several retirement homes around Spit Junction, so this is a great spot to get a meal. This sums up the cafe, consistent quality and reliable service.

Away from the supermarkets but close enough to still enjoy the foot traffic - particularly those walking back from Fitness First.

This cafe is offers a quiet get-away for a coffee and to read the paper or one of the many magazines left on the really large table.


Walking? An easy walk from the bus stops or anywhere near Spit Junction. Take the escalator to the top floor - you can't miss the cafe! 

Driving? Easy to get to by car.

Parking? Plenty of parking in the council car park under the shopping centre. Access from Brady Street. There's a council enforced 2 hour limit.



A Sydney based importer and roaster creating their own unique blends of coffee. Here's a snippet courtesy of the Aroma Coffee website.

Cremaroma is one of our most popular blends with a unique flavour profile derived from single origin beans from around the world. A sweet fruity base with subtle citric notes is enhanced by beans which deliver a chocolaty, buttery addition to finish off the blend.

Aroma Organic Coffee (ACO Certified)
Aroma Organic blend is ACO certified guaranteeing a coffee with absolutely no pesticides or chemicals & has been a certified processor of organic coffee for many years. Our organic coffee blend has been designed around our distinct Aroma profile. This coffee is strong and pure with a rich chocolate after taste. You will find that Aroma-Organic Coffee is soft and rich on the palette with a well-balanced body and a sweet finish. We achieve these delightful characteristics through meticulous attention to detail, taking exceptional care in the selection, blending and roasting.

Felice comprises an exceptional blend of beans with sweet citrus tones balanced by malty, buttery flavour profile. Felice is rounded off by blending in beans that deliver a smooth chocolaty after taste.

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