Don Adan Coffee House

Don Adan Coffee House

This cafe has been here for some years. They are fortunate enough to be away from all the other cafes in the area. The cafe is somewhat alone near the main bus terminal on Spit Road.

These guys are passionate about their coffee and this shows. As you walk through the front door, the kitchen is the first thing you see. It's hands on and open for all to see.

The coffee is made carefully and you can watch the barista at work.

The taste of the coffee is 'different.' It has a stronger and more aromatic appeal when compared to the coffee in the surrounding area. Some have likened the taste to a "touch of dark chocolate." If you're lucky, you'll meet the charismatic owner who'll explain the bean to the cup process in detail. His family are involved in the entire journey of the bean.

Small bohemian style. Busy. The location helps

The quirky
Art on the ceiling, well worn floors, and mismatched furniture. Damn hard for anyone to copy! Great stuff.


Shop 2
5 Spit Rd
Mosman NSW 2088

Open every day 6.00am-4.00pm

Walking? Easy access. This cafe is right near one of the busiest intersections on the North side.

Driving? Easy to get to by car.

Parking? Plenty of parking in the council car park under BridgePoint or on the side street.


Don Adán Coffee

Don Adán Coffee is a family dedicated to the complete coffee experience. So they say on their website.

From plantation to cup, the beans are grown, roasted and brewed by the Barrios family.

The Barrios family has been growing and trading coffee for over 140 years. The 100% SHG (Strictly High Grown) Arabica beans are imported directly from the family’s plantation in Marcala, Honduras and roasted in Sydney, Australia.

They produce three unique blends of coffee, Don Adán Blend, Exotic Sun-dried and Marcala.

Posted in Bridgepoint, Spit Junction.