The Bacino Kiosk Clifton gardens

The Bacino Kiosk at Clifton Gardens

The Bacino Kiosk

Fabulous location and fabulous coffee. This is a destination coffee spot. You need to decide that you really want to have coffee at Clifton Gardens.

You can really only get there by car, boat or the harbourside walking track.

Such a great location, any time of the year to sit and enjoy coffee. The sound of the waves, sheltered from the wind (most of the time), sit and read the paper.

This cafe is a very small building. It is so small that there is only enough room for the barista, a fridge and little more. Okay, what else do you need to make great coffee?

Given that you will make the effort to get to the cafe, sit down and have two cups of coffee.

The Quirky

Their website claims, "Italian snacks and coffee on the go, like the iconic italian Fiat 500, small, practical and classic.

The Bacino espresso blend coffee used in these cafes is a combination of Central and South American estate beans. This blend has been highly successful throughout the Bacino bar cafes due to high take away volume."

Getting there.

Walking? Difficult. There are walking tracks. Best tackled from Georges Heights - a pleasant walk.

Driving? Difficult. Take the round-about onto Bradley's Head Rd towards the Zoo. Turn left at Thompson St and follow the signs.

Parking? Often difficult. Plenty of parking in the off-season. Weekends and public holidays are notoriously bad for parking and exceptionally good for the parking inspectors.

About Little Italy Caffe Merchants

Little Italy Coffee Merchants - Bacino Miscela Café and Decaf.

There is little information about the type of beans used, their location, the process, etc.

But, they claim their passion for coffee led to, "the art of coffee roasting and to establish Little Italy Roasters in 2007. This allowed them to supply the various Bacino bar outlets but also custom roast coffee for other clients without any compromise on quality. Little Italy Roasters uses premium graded estate coffee which is slow drum roasted by hand, Italian style. This provides versatility for smaller batches across 3 different sized roasters."

About Clifton Gardens

Early settler Captain E. H. Cliffe purchased a 56 acre estate on the waters edge, he named it "Cliffeton" and it is believed that the area's name was derived from that.

A hotel called the Clifton Arms was built in 1871 by D. Butters. It was leased in 1879 then bought in 1880 by David Thompson who built the Marine Hotel that operated from 1885 to 1967. Thompson also built a wharf and dancing pavilion here and the area became popular as a picnic spot.

In 1906, Sydney Ferries Ltd, purchased the Thompson estate comprising land, the three-storey hotel, wharf dancing pavilion and skating rink. The company built a large circular swimming enclosure that could hold 3,000 spectators, a boasted and a tramway from the wharf to the hotel.

Before the First World War, ferries full of picnickers came at weekends. The structure burnt down in 1956.

Clifton Gardens Hotel was demolished in 1967.

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