Albion Lane Cafe

Albion Lane Cafe

Firstly, the location is simply wonderful. Perched in the centreĀ of Mosman, between Spit Junction and Mosman Junction, this is an ideal stop-over when walking. Or as a great destination cafe when looking for something a little different from your regular cafe.

Like nearly all other cafe's in Mosman, they also cater for many tastes with a breakfast and lunch menu.

Exclusive and sophisticated. The blanket on the back of each chair is a nice touch.

Lovely. The setting is truly unique in that that there are no other cafe's in the vicinity and the lane way is almost exclusively dedicated to this cafe.

They have both indoor and a really pleasant outdoor seating area (under an awning) surrounded by trees.

The experience
The friendly staff make this cafe enjoyable - they even show interest in the children and the "lower north shore designer" dogs!

Getting there
Walking? Easy level access from Military Road.

Driving? This cafe can be accessed from Military Road or from the Crescent.

Parking? On-street parking on Military Road and behind the cafe in the Crescent (near Alan Border oval).

About Paul Bassett coffee
According to the Paul Bassett website, the "blend is caramel rich and chocolaty on the palate, delivering wild berry characteristics, delicate acidity and superb body.

Select Estate grown coffees from Brazil and Ethiopia are predominantly used in the blend to create its distinct sensory profile."

Each estate coffee is individually roasted applying a specific temperature ramping profile and fast cooling period to maximise the aromatic sweetness and enhance the coffees organic profile.

The coffee is then immediately vacuumed and the nitrogen flushed giving a perfect environment for a unique age management system, where by the coffee is cellared and stabilised until ready for optimal use."

Sounds more like a description for good wine?

Albion Lane Cafe Mosman
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