cafe mosman

Cafe Mosman

Cafe Mosman

This is one of those remarkable turn-around stories. A recent change of management and huge injection of enthusiasm and exuberance is clearly visible. The result...a very busy cafe, more staff, lots of people all day.

The popular barista has been at this cafe for a long time and he recognises and acknowledges the regulars. Yes, coffee made with love.

If you're looking a great coffee with something extra to eat, this is the one! A terrific selection of cakes and an extensive menu for breakfast and lunch.

The fact that this is busy all day provides for a real buzz, making it a really pleasant place to visit.

The outdoor seating in the courtyard area behind the cafe is unique. This is a quiet, leafy setting that is perfect for just about any occasion.

The walkway leads to the library and the car park behind Military Road.

Getting there
Walking? Easy access. This cafe is right near a bus stop, or just a short walk from Spit Junction.

Driving? Easy to get to by car.

Parking? Plenty of parking in the council car park behind the cafe. If you're really lucky, you may be able to get a spot on the street outside the cafe. Good luck!

About Di Stefano coffee

A lovely story courtesy of the Di Stefano website...

Each evening, when everyone had left for the day, Giuseppe would remain behind and tend to his secret project. Taking on the near-impossible task of creating a coffee blend that was yet to be seen, Giuseppe’s determination lead him to create something very special. Months of testing rolled by.

Then, one day, Giuseppe walked into Nick’s office and stood there with a look of humble accomplishment. From behind his back he revealed a pack of freshly roasted beans, grabbed a permanent marker, signed the pack and said ‘now that is how you make coffee!."

It appears that this blend is imported and roasted locally in Homebush. Olympic quality?

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