Pasta Zu Mosman

Pasta Zu

Pasta Zu

Okay, technically Pasta Zu is not marketed as a cafe.

Originally, the business focus was to sell gourmet pasta. Today, the product range is far more extensive. Food is the key item of interest but the coffee is excellent.

Verdict. It is one of the few places in Mosman that offers coffee lovers a real mug. Please note that it is not an oversized cup that resembles a soup bowl.

The coffee stays hotter in the mug - scientifically proven! Now, the coffee is fantastic, served along with a glass of water. Excellent service overall. Worth the visit.

The regular baristas are there seven days a week. The result, consistent, well-made coffee.

Getting there.

Walking? In the heart of Mosman Junction. Walking is easy as this part of Mosman is flat terrain.

Driving? It's on Military Road, easy to find

Parking? Plenty of on-street parking.

About Caffe Diemme coffee

A fine selection of 100% Arabica beans, a delicate and suave blend.

"Its refined flavour stems from the mix of different types of Arabica, especially selected raw beans which come from only the best areas of production, and are then perfectly aged and roasted.

A fine blend that distinguishes itself for its delicacy, as well as its well balanced, sweet and rich aroma. This delicate blend with floral hints leaves a pleasant chocolaty aftertaste," courtesy of the caffe diemme website!

Pasta Zu Mosman
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